Simon Harvey’s Audio Samples

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New 2016 Voice Demo
  1. 1. New 2016 Voice Demo
  2. 2. Natural – the ordinary person just talking
  3. 3. Narrations – corporate, educational and commercial
  4. 4. Research Narration – a TVC in the research phase of a campaign
  5. 5. Voice Acting – a selection of acted reads
  6. 6. Neutral – no specific accent for a broad audience
  7. 7. Promos – TV and Radio stations
  8. 8. Retail – a pacier style with more retail appeal
  9. 9. Character – accents & funny voices

Listen to “New 2016 Voice Demo” first

…to hear the most up to date samples of his recent work. You may then like to hear more of a specific style depending on the project you are working on. Use the links above to play samples that showcase more of each individual style.

For example if you need a TVC voice artist (TV commercial voice over) you should listen to whichever category will best suit the style and mood of the commercial you are producing. Likewise if you need a TV promo voice artist or radio voice over style for station promos, listen to the “promos” sample. Your geographical location doesn’t matter at all. Although he’s a Sydney v/o, Simon often works as a voice artist in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and beyond by directly linking to other studios via ISDN, Source Connect or mp3. This means you can listen in and direct the session as if you were there yourself from anywhere in the world. One of the voice samples above is called “Research Narration” and it’s possible that Simon Harvey is the first voice artist to ever offer a demo of this type. A research narration is recorded by an advertising agency in the early stages of planning an advertising campaign. The narration verbally describes the idea that writers and art directors are thinking of turning into a TV ad. Often the narration accompanies some simple sketch type drawings on screen and is shown to sample audiences to gauge their response to the proposed TV ad. This is what is called putting an idea “into research”.

Whether you prefer the term “voice over”, “voice artist”, “vocal actor”, “voice actor”, “vo artist” or any of the other names used to describe this niche profession it all means the same thing. As a leading voice artist in Sydney, Simon works every day for Australia’s most prestigious advertising agencies, production studios and broadcasters. Whether as the voice for TV commercials, radio campaigns or as the voice over for narration his range of styles and deliveries means he’s in constant demand. In recent times, the emergence of online e-learning projects has seen a big increase in his work as a narration voice actor. For a voice artist, Australia offers a wide range of different markets. Simon can be heard daily as a voice artist in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and everywhere in between. He has easy access to voice studios using ISDN, Source Connect and mp3; meaning you can use Simon’s voice from anywhere in the world – in fact, he is heard throughout South East Asia and India every day as one of the voices of the Discovery Network. For a voice artist to be in constant demand requires versatility, directability and an inherent understanding of the subtleties and nuances that are being sought by a producer to capture the essence of the job being recorded – skills Simon can readily bring to your project. Simon also works regularly as a TV presenter, mainly in corporate video work including training videos, promotional videos and e-learning videos.